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Yoga & Philosophy

Yoga Teacher Trainings, Retreats, and other workshops centered around Eastern Philosophy

Sustainable Management

Learn the mindful practices that sustain workforce, environment, and business growth

Business Transformation

Make your processes lean, efficient, and backed by transformative, conscientious, and sustainable actions

Spiritual Coaching

Reconnect with your truest Self, and evolve to higher levels beyond the physical, mental, or emotional



"Pawan embodies the wisdom of Yoga. By his humble nature he makes the information accessible to the beginner while stimulating the experienced practitioner to ask the deeper questions. We love having him present at our studio." 


-Danielle, Yoga Oceanside & Tru Nature School of Yoga

"I understand Guru to mean one who brings the Self through, which Pawan does with the utmost integrity and grace. He embodies yogic wisdom and inspires those around him with a solid, warm, and action-oriented approach. The discernment that his services cultivate, informed through years of extensive study, have improved all aspects of my life."


-Jai, Gamedesk

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